Digital Entrepreneurship for Women


DEW is an operational solution to the challenges faced by existing and potential female entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world. DEW aligns itself with key Erasmus+ priorities including:

• Inclusion and diversity in education and training

• Digital transformation

• Adapting VET 2 labour market and female entrepreneurship needs

• Increase flexibility of opportunities in VET

Therefore the DEW objectives encompass the following:


DEW addresses the issue of social and economic exclusion of women, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds who do not have the opportunity to access supports to acquire or enhance digital enterprise skills. The DEW OER will be an accessible resource and greatly enhance opportunities for new and existing female entrepreneurs but also enhances the suite of supports available to the project partners, and by extension, other enterprise support and VET providers locally, nationally and on the European stage.


DEW is grounded in digital enterprise supports and both the design of the training and implementation provides opportunities to increases digital competencies. DEW will be a solid resource for users and will also contribute to policy as part of the Gender Effect Assessment which applies a gender lens to the ENTRECOMP framework.


DEW will provide a flexible and adaptable platform for upskilling and acquiring new skills in digital entrepreneurship.


DEW brings a gender perspective to the issue of digital entrepreneurship and the barriers facing female entrepreneurs. It creates a European-wide Community of Practice on the issue and combines the learning and results into a format that can enhance and strengthen new policy initiatives in the area of female entrepreneurship.