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Digital Entrepreneurship for Women The DEW Project website is now available online

The DEW official website represents a repository of the project’s outputs, results, news and contacts, and will be the OER platform for target groups to access DEW resources and training materials.
DEW is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission that aims to create an operational solution to the challenges faced by existing and potential female entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world. DEW aligns itself with key Erasmus+ priorities including: • Inclusion and diversity in education and training
• Digital transformation
• Adapting VET 2 labour market and female entrepreneurship needs
• Increase flexibility of opportunities in VET The DEW project aims to improve transparency and accountability of the participation of women’s’ entrepreneurs in enterprise by illustrating how women’s’ entrepreneurship is planned and coordinated across government and society, and by demonstrating the various innovative ways in which women’s’ entrepreneurship needs are being met or not met for gender equality. The project officially kick-started on November 2021, with the first online transnational meeting during which partners had a great opportunity to discuss the overall project implementation schedule, define timelines and respective duties in the following months. One of the very first activities was the development, testing and implementation of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform.  DEW Platform is the main showcase of project’s results and its largest and most tangible channel for international visibility, and is available in 4 languages (EN, ES, IT, FR) with all of its content completely available for free, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user. DEW website is now online at  For the next two years, the Platform will host and integrate all the main achievements of the consortium; each section of the DEW Platform is a stand-alone library of its corresponding output. The “DEW Training Toolbox” embeds the training content together with accompanying resources such as operational cases, guidelines, good practices and glossary for enhanced contribution to the field of female entrepreneurship. This project result responds to the needs identified in the proposal, encompassing the need to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial potential of women and the effective capacities and possibilities they have. As corroborated by the analysis of the state of the art, there is the need to provide operational and user-friendly training resources to advance the opportunities for women who have an entrepreneurial potential but are hesitant or don’t consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path. In addition, the "Associates" section will be relevant to the widespread impact of the project, as organisations interested in the project will be able to join the DEW community and become associated partners. For further information about DEW project, explore the website:

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Consortium joined the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of the DEW project

On June 23rd, consortium took part in the 2ndTransnational Project Meeting of the DEW project, held in Pescara (IT) and hosted by the Italian partner IDP European Consultants. DEW - Digital Entrepreneurship for Women - is an Erasmus+ project co-financed by the European Commission which gathers seven organisations from five countries (BE, ES, FR, IR, IT). The project aims to develop operational solutions to the challenges faced by potential and existing female entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world. During the meeting, partners discussed about the results of the primary and secondary research carried out so far which will be soon available online on the DEW Platform. The feedbacks of the survey developed by the Consortium, have confirmed that women consider digital skills as one of the most challenging obstacle to digital transformation. On the other hand, Self-awareness, Motivation, Planning & management and Financial Literacy have been identified as the four most important skills that female entrepreneurs should have in a post-Covid world. Starting from the data of the skills gap assessment, partners discussed about the topics and contents of the DEW training course and defined its structure; furthermore, they examined the general implementation of the project’s horizontal activities, underling the progresses and defining future strategies. Next steps? The Consortium will create an innovative up-skilling pathway, which will support women in the development of the digital skills needed to start an entrepreneurial career or boost an existing business. For more information on DEW Website:  Facebook page:

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Digital Entrepreneurship for Women: consortium joined the online Kick-Off Meeting of DEW

On November 10th 2021, consortium joined the online Kick-Off Meeting of the DEW project, co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven organisations from five European countries (Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France). The KOM, originally planned in Brussels, Belgium, was held in online mode due to COVID-19 restrictions. The context for DEW is based on a number of trends - according to official reports of the EU Commission, only 30% of start-up entrepreneurs are female, despite woman making up 52% of the population. In addition, gender stereotypes and male-dominated models and networks continue to prevail to the detriment of women. Finally, Covid-19 has seen a disproportionate impact on women with increased caring responsibilities and a concerning rise in the incidences of domestic violence.  However, the DEW Project explores entrepreneurial opportunity and aims to unlock the potential of female digital entrepreneurs by providing innovative, evidence-based and practical digital entrepreneurship knowledge and tools to empower self-employability and entrepreneurship for women in Europe. The DEW Project tackles various EU priorities, as well as exploring the impact of Covid-19 on female entrepreneurs: -    the promotion of female entrepreneurship
-    the digitalisation of the European population (with specific regard to female entrepreneurs)
-    enhancing and boosting the entrepreneurial spirits across the EU  During the meeting, the consortium discussed the overall project implementation schedule, defining timelines and respective duties in the following months. The DEW official website will represent a repository of the project’s outputs, results, news and contacts. A mapping activity will follow in order to identify the main trends, issues, best practices and policy support systems in the countries represented in the Consortium.  For further information on DEW Project:

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