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Digital skills

Digital skills for women entrepreneurship Best Practice Case Study

  • To learn how to design your company website with ICT Tools.
  • To know the main social networks, their audience and main characteristics.
  • To use social networks to enhance your online business.
  • To learn what cybersecurity is and the main cyberthreats.  
  • To learn how to protect our devices.

Managing Digital Team Best Practice Case Study

  • Support women entrepreneurs in the managing of a digital team, through the acquisition of technical and practical skills
  • Support the target group in reaching an advanced level of the EntreComp framework competences:
    • Mobilising others
    • Self-Awareness and self-efficacy

Access to finance from the female perspective

Financial literacy Best Practice Case Study

  • Support women entrepreneurs in the comprehension of the main financial key aspects, through the acquisition of technical and practical knowledge and tools
  • Provide the target group with some external financial opportunities and risks and related examples to take advantage of them

Business Literacy

●    Learn the importance of financial and business literacy for your enterprise

●    Understand and manage your enterprise cash flow

●    Forecast cash flow for your enterprise

●    Understand piercing and pricing models


Leadership and Communication

Entrepreneurship Best Practice Case Study

To help women entrepreneurs mobilise their full potential by giving them keys to evolve their capacity in :
●    Self-confidence
●    Motivation
●    Creativity


Communications Best Practice Case Study

●    Learn the importance of effective communication for your enterprise

●    Understand the principles of effective online communication

●    Learn about public speaking, presenting, pitching


Change Management

  • Understand Effective Leadership is effective Change Management
  • Recognize the need for, and entrepreneurial value of a structured approach to Change Management
  • Learn how to implement a structured Change Management plan