The “DEW Training Toolbox” embeds the training content together with accompanying resources such as operational cases, guidelines, good practices and glossary for enhanced contribution to the field of female entrepreneurship. This project result responds to the needs identified in the proposal, encompassing the need to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial potential of women and the effective capacities and possibilities they have. As corroborated by the analysis of the state of the art, there is the need to provide operational and user friendly training resources to advance the opportunities for women who have an entrepreneurial potential but are hesitant or don’t consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

The tentative structure proposed at application stage is:

  • Training content in easy to use, short micro-training fiches
  • Set of good practices/case studies
  • Guidelines
  • Gender lens application to ENTRECOMP

The training resources will cover the following competencies:

  • Digital skills
  • Pricing and marketing
  • Access to finance from the female perspective
  • Leadership and Communication Skills